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You have custom surgical sets, you can add more instruments in your sets or create more custom sets, once done you can order after making the required changes, click here to see your sets.

Veterinary Surgical Packs

Surgical packs are necessary to have during veterinary surgical procedures. They comprise all the essential instruments to make surgery more manageable and successful. GerVetUSA has several veterinary surgical packs that include Canine Feline Surgery Spay Packs, Veterinary Instrument Sets, Veterinary Eye Pack, Veterinary Instruments Orthopedic Sets, Cruciate Repair Pack, Dental Packs, and Veterinary Instruments Kits. All instruments promise to ensure durability and excellence during medical usage because they are German forged by professional craftsmen. In addition, there are several variations available in the veterinary surgical packs. Hereby variations mean various lengths, color coatings, sizes, curvatures, and more.

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