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Cruciate Packs

The cruciate packs are ideal for treating the deformities in the cruciate ligament. GerVetUSA has made cruciate packs for surgeons to perform veterinary orthopedic surgery on knee joints in felines and canines. For instance, the packs are suitable for treating the posterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, or lateral collateral ligament.

Thus, veterinarians, surgeons, and doctors can rely on our surgical instruments to diagnose and treat animals' knee joint injuries. All the instruments in this pack are German forged to ensure perfection in the surgical procedure and ease for the user. Furthermore, the veterinary surgical instruments are crafted as per the needs and preferences of the surgeons. The list of cruciate packs includes the following:

•    Cruciate Pack
•    Starter Cruciate Pack
•    Advanced Cruciate Pack
•    Cruciate Repair Pack Complete

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Cruciate Pack

Cruciate Pack

$1,954.53 $1,709.10

The cruciate pack of 22 instruments is well suited for orthopedic joint surgeries and standard cruci ...

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Starter Cruciate Pack

Starter Cruciate Pack

$1,217.95 $974.36

The starter cruciate pack comprises the standard surgical procedures. In addition, it includes the b ...

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Advanced Cruciate Pack

Advanced Cruciate Pack

$2,282.80 $1,826.24

The advanced cruciate pack comprises several surgical instruments suitable for complex orthopedic su ...

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Cruciate Repair Pack Complete

Cruciate Repair Pack Complete

$1,686.00 $1,517.40

The cruciate repair pack complete includes 18 instruments that are suitable to use for treating the ...

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