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Veterinary Surgical Scissors

Veterinary Surgical Scissors are used for cutting, removal of sutures and dissection of tissues in veterinary surgeries. These scissors are used to cut tissues at body surface or inside the body. The blades are sharp and allow for smooth tissue dissection without hurting the encompassing structure. These scissors are available in many variations and lengths each of them designed for a specific veterinary use and procedure. They have sharp or blunt tips, serrated or non-serrated blades and a finger-ring handle design for ideal grip. These scissors are available in super-sharp, blunt, and Tungsten Carbide insert variations for different types of dissection. Tungsten Carbide inserts in the jaws increase the longevity and sharpness of the instrument. These instruments are available in a straight or curved design. The straight design of the scissors is used for precision cutting at body surface. Curve design of the surgical scissors is perfect for deep tissue dissection with minimal damage. They are crafted from surgical grade stainless to provide the best craftsmanship. The surgical grade stainless body of these scissors allows them to be sterilized and reused. They are available in a number of variations to accommodate various procedures.
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