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SuperCut Scissors

Surgical Scissors with SuperCut blades are utilized in various veterinary surgeries for smooth tissue dissection. Their super-sharp cutting designs make them the perfect instrument for making clean and quick cuts inside and on the body surface. These versatile SuperCut Scissors with sharp cutting edges are crafted from surgical grade German stainless to allow long-term durability and reliable use. Their premium quality also makes them autoclavable and reusable after sterilization.

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SuperCut Stevens Tenotomy Scissors

SuperCut Stevens Tenotomy Scissors

Stevens Tenotomy Scissors have long handles and small, sharp blades with variable tip styles. The lo ...

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Gradle Scissors 3 3/4 inch SuperCut

Gradle Scissors 3 3/4" SuperCut

$167.09 $66.84

Gradle Scissors 3 3/4" SuperCut is that dental instruments are created to cut and trim tiny dissecti ...

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SuperCut Strabismus Scissors

SuperCut Strabismus Scissors

These scissors are used in delicate ophthalmic surgeries. They have round-ended blades with razor-sh ...

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Goldman Fox Scissors SuperCut

Goldman Fox Scissors SuperCut

The Goldman Fox Scissors SuperCut are helpful for veterinary surgeons in the sharp dissection of sof ...

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