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TTA Implants & Instruments Starter Sets

GerVetUSA, Inc offers the best-in-class TTA instrument kits at the best prices. Our products use high-quality titanium and are contoured for a more secure fit, an easier surgery, and faster recovery. Our plates are specifically designed for less pressure and strain and they are easier to work with from a surgeon's perspective. From the patient's perspective, a lightweight titanium implant is lightweight and stays in permanently.

What makes GerVetUSA better than the competion is our willingness to offer extensive choice to our customers and our willingness to manufacture bespoke products specifically designed to the customer's specifications. For example:

 - We offer a traditional TTA system using a fork as well as the ESY TTA system, which uses all screws.
 - Both systems come in beginner and advanced kits, with and without instruments. 
 - We have a broad range of sizes for the best fit and for surgeons to buy the entire system at a cost-   effective price as well as efficiently replace piece by piece as required.
 - Our trays and containers are well-recieved by most surgeons and preferred to any other set-up.

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