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Bone Chisels

Bone Chisels have a long metal blade and are widely used in orthopedic surgeries to reshape or cut bones. These chisels are used in many orthopedic procedures such as open fracture treatment. These instruments are designed to scrape and make fine cuts without damaging the surrounding structure. Such chisels typically consist of a robust compact design. It is a manual instrument including a broad one-inch flat blade with a beveled cutting edge and a handle that is generally straight or slightly curved. Cottle Septum Chisel Curved, Stille Type Chisel, Mini Lexer Chisel, Lexer Chisel, Hibbs Chisel Straight, Hoke Chisel, Hibbs Chisel Curved, Hajek Septum Chisel, Cottle Septum Chisel Straight, Army Pattern Chisel, Alexander Chisel, D'Errico Lamina Chisel 7 1/2" 13mm, Harmon Chisel 10" Stepped 6mm, Spinal Fusion Chisel 9 1/2" Straight 6mm, and Interchange Chisel Blade are the types of chisels available in different sizes and lengths. These surgical instruments are crafted from surgical German stainless to provide the highest level of craftsmanship.

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Hajek Septum Chisel

Hajek Septum Chisel

Hajek Septum Chisel is made from premium grade stainless steel and it is performance tested before s ...

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Army Pattern Chisel

Army Pattern Chisel

U.S Army Pattern Chisel has a straight long shaft that serves as the body and handle of the instrume ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Stille Type Chisel

Stille Type Chisel

Stille Type Chisel is a sturdy surgical instrument and straight in shape. These instruments provide ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Spinal Fusion Chisel 9 1/2 inch Straight 6mm

Spinal Fusion Chisel 9 1/2" Straight 6mm

$148.10 $133.29

Spinal Fusion Chisel is ideally designed for spinal surgeries. It has a unique design that provides ...

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