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Crimper is a useful instrument used for stapedectomy procedures in orthopedic surgeries. The downward angled serrated jaws with a groove for the staple wire make these the perfect instruments for crimping and securing the wire prosthesis with minimal damage to the wire to the incus' long reach. There are multiple types of Crimpers available: Cruciate Repair Crimping Forceps and Crimping Forceps 9 1/2". Both of these crimpers are specifically designed for their purposes. Their smooth serrated jaws assist in securing and crimping the wire with minimal damage. They are widely used in many orthopedic surgeries.

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Cruciate Repair Crimping Forceps

Cruciate Repair Crimping Forceps

$199.00 $179.10

Cruciate Repair Crimping Forceps are constructed from quality and hardened stainless steel. They hav ...

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Crimping Forceps 9 1/2 inch

Crimping Forceps 9 1/2"

$216.00 $194.40

Crimping forceps are made from surgical grade stainless steel. They have a solid structure and are u ...

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Crimp Tube

Crimp Tube


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