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Double Action Rongeurs

Double Action Rongeur is a multi-functional surgical instrument designed specifically for orthopedic surgeries. This instrument is double-actioned, which enables the jaws to stay in orientation. The working end is also mildly shaped like a scoop that allows the instrument a distinctive way to cut and realign the bone. This profile ensures the maximum grip of the user on the bone which is being operated. Veterinary orthopedists use a variety of types and sizes according to their surgical preferences. A wide array of Rongeurs is available such as Zaufal Jansen Rongeur 7" Curved 4mm Double Action, Stille Luer Rongeur Angular, Stille Luer Rongeur Straight, Stille Luer Rongeur Curved, Ruskin Rongeur Straight, Ruskin Rongeur Curved, Leskell Stille. Rongeur, Smith Pete Rongeur, Sauerbruch Rongeur IVD, Kleinert Kutz Rongeur listed some are Echlin Rongeur (Duckbill) Angular, Sypert Rongeur, and many more with multiple variations to meet the surgical requirements. These instruments are made of medical-grade German stainless that keeps them rust-free, unbendable, and lightweight.
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Sauerbruch IVD Rongeur

Sauerbruch IVD Rongeur

Sauerbruch Rongeur is sturdily built for the cutting and removal of bones and hard tissues. The feat ...

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Stille-Luer Rongeur Angular

Stille-Luer Rongeur Angular

Stille-Luer Rongeur is crafted from surgical-grade stainless. This plier-shaped rongeur is a versati ...

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Kleinert-Kutz Rongeur

Kleinert-Kutz Rongeur

This versatile instrument is specialized in orthopedic procedures where the synovial membrane is inv ...

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Marquardt Rongeur 8 inch Slight Curved, 3mm, Double Action

Marquardt Rongeur 8" Slight Curved, 3mm, Double Action


This plier-shaped rongeur is an incredible surgical instrument loved by orthopedists. The features a ...

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