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Gelpi Retractors

Gelpi Retractors are self-retaining retractors ideal for holding back organs and tissues during veterinary surgical procedures. They allow surgeons to be free from handling efforts while carrying out orthopedic and spinal surgeries. These specially designed retractors feature curved or angled prongs and finger ring handles supported by an adjustable locking mechanism. To assist veterinary professionals, we carry a variety of Gelpi Retractors, all forged with German Stainless, making them high-tensile, lightweight, rust-proof, and reusable after sterilization. 
Our top-rated Gelpi retractors include:

•    Gelpi Retractor Standard
    Gelpi Retractor Deep Angle
•    Gelpi Crossover Retractor (Neroma) Standard Angle Easy Tip Insertion
•    Gelpi Crossover Retractor (Neroma) Deep Angle
    Gelpi Retractor Right Angle (90 Degree)
    Gelpi Offset Arm Left & Right
•    Gelpi Retractor 90 Degree Angle
•    Gelpi Retractor with Speedlock

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Gelpi Retractor with Speedlock

Gelpi Retractor with Speedlock

The Gelpi Retractor with Speedlock is a self-retaining retractor instrument helpful during veterinar ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Gelpi Retractor 7 inch Right Angle

Gelpi Retractor 7" Right Angle

Gelpi Retractor Right Angle is specially designed to assist veterinary surgeons during spinal and or ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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