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Bone Gouge is a hollow hammer surgical instrument that is used to maneuver into sections of bone and extract them. These sturdy instruments can be used in notch plasty, to demarcate and remove notch fragments, and to contour bone or scrape cement in other veterinary orthopedic treatments. Swan Neck Gouge 9" Curved 25mm, Partsch Gouge, Wagner Gouge, Shoulder Pen Gouge, Screw Removal Gouge, Stille Gouge, Smith Pete Gouge Straight, Smith Pete Gouge Straight, Smith Pete Gouge Curved, Mini Lexer Gouge, Mini Lexer Gouge, Hibbs Gouge Straight, Hibbs Gouge Curved, Cobb Gouge Straight, Cobb Gouge Curved, Alexander Gouge, and Army Pattern Gouge are some of the most commonly utilized surgical Bone Gouges in orthopedics.

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Swan Neck Gouge 9 inch Curved 25mm

Swan Neck Gouge 9" Curved 25mm


A modern gouge is a tool similar to a chisel except its blade edge is not flat, but instead is curve ...

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