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Measuring Rulers and Calipers

Measuring Rulers and Calipers are significant instruments widely used in orthopedic procedures. These measuring rulers are commonly used to get precise measurements. Common types of these significant rulers include Cannestra hip length gages, regular centimeter and inch rulers, flexible and rigid rulers, depth gauges, x-ray rulers, and tape measurers. These instruments are an important part of fracture repair and implant surgeries.
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Pin & Wire Gauge/Ruler Stainless  6 inch

Pin & Wire Gauge/Ruler Stainless 6"


Pin & Wire Gauge/Ruler is an orthopedic supporting instrument. It helps veterinary professionals mea ...

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K-Wire Ruler and Pin Gauge

K-Wire Ruler and Pin Gauge

$66.18 $59.56

K-Wire Ruler and Pin Gauge is a simple scale marked with inches and centimeters. It is designed to m ...

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The Ruler is a scale or gauge made of German stainless steel. This versatile supporting instrument i ...

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Townley Caliper 4 inch

Townley Caliper 4"

$239.50 $215.55

The Townley Caliper is a measuring instrument used in veterinary orthopedic procedures. It features ...

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X-Ray Ruler 20 1/2 inch (50cm) mm Graduated

X-Ray Ruler 20 1/2" (50cm) mm Graduated

$106.90 $96.21

The X-Ray Ruler is a measuring instrument used in veterinary practice. It is classified in millimete ...

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Goniometer Polk Finger 6 inch Graduatedcm/inch

Goniometer Polk Finger 6" Graduatedcm/inch

$145.89 $116.71

The Goniometer Polk Finger is a veterinary orthopedic instrument. It helps surgeons accurately measu ...

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Tape Measurecm/Inches Metal

Tape Measurecm/Inches Metal

$26.56 $23.90

The Tape Measure is helpful in measuring the size, distance, or width of the bone, surgery area, or ...

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Jameson Caliper, 80 mm, 3 inch Scale 3.75 inch

Jameson Caliper, 80 mm, 3" Scale 3.75"

$179.00 $139.95

The Jameson Caliper is a measuring instrument helpful in ophthalmic procedures. It features a knob f ...

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Iwanson Caliper Metal Crown

Iwanson Caliper Metal Crown


The Iwanson Caliper Metal Crown is a measuring instrument used in veterinary orthodontics. Professio ...

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Pin Caliper

Pin Caliper


The pin caliper is used in veterinary orthopedic procedures. Physicians use it to measure the size o ...

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