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An Osteotome is a bone-cutting or preparation tool. Most Osteotomes are equivalent to a chisel on both sides but wedge shaped. They are commonly used in orthopedic surgery and implantation. There is a vast array of these instruments available such as Mini Osteotomes Curved, Mini Osteotomes Straight, Sheehan Osteotome, Silver Osteotome, Flat Nose Pliers, Long Bevel Osteotomes Straight, Lexer Osteotome, Cobb Osteotome Straight, Lambotte Osteotome 7" Curved, Pedifine Lambotte Osteotomes Straight, Wire Cutter 7" With Silicone Inserts Max .062" (1.6mm), Silicone Inserts for G24-208 Wire Cutter (pair), Anderson Neivert Osteotome, Cinelli Osteotome, Converse Osteotome, Cobb Osteotome Curved, Hoke Osteotomes, Junior Lambotte Osteotomes Standard, Lambotte Osteotomes, Long Bevel Osteotomes Curved, Lambotte Osteotome Straight, and Lambotte Osteotome Straight. These instruments are crafted from premium surgical grade stainless to provide long-term durable use.

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