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An Osteotome is an orthopedic surgical instrument. It assists veterinary professionals in bone-cutting or preparation. Most of the osteotomes are equivalent to chisels but with the blades wedged on both sides. We have a variety of these veterinary orthopedic instruments to meet the needs of veterinarians during bone-preparation procedures. Some important variations of our osteotome instruments include:

•    Pedifine Lambotte Osteotomes Straight
•    Junior Lambotte Osteotomes Standard
•    Mini Osteotomes Straight
•    Hoke Osteotomes
•    Sheehan Osteotome
    Anderson Neivert Osteotome
•    Cobb Osteotome Straight

All our instruments are crafted by a team of experienced craftsmen to ensure high precision and improved durability. Moreover, they are made of German-stainless steel, making them reusable, high-tensile, lightweight, and long-lasting.

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Silver Osteotome

Silver Osteotome

The Silver Osteotome features a wedged blade that is helpful for lateral osteotomy in animals. The f ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Lexer Osteotome

Lexer Osteotome

Lexer Osteotome is helpful for veterinary surgeons to perform osteotomy while repairing nonunion fra ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Long Bevel Osteotomes Curved

Long Bevel Osteotomes Curved

Long Bevel Osteotomes Curved are ideally manufactured for bone manipulation in animal procedures. Th ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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