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Steinmann Pins

Steinmann Pins are most commonly used to repair fractures of the long bones during veterinary orthopedic surgical procedures. They are considered ideal for definitive bone fixation of hands and pediatrics, combinations with plates and screws for complex fractures, and low bone quality patients. This pin features a thin metal rod that is typically used to hold bone fractures together for healing. The medical-grade stainless steel is rust-free that does not cause damage to the bone. Such pins work similar to K-Wire, but they are taller, thicker, and broader than K-wires. Veterinary orthopedists deal with multiple fractures that require many sizes of pins for joining bones. So there is a wide range of Steinmann Pins such as Steinmann Pins Double Trocar, Steinmann Pins Double Trocar Threaded, Steinmann Pins Single Trocar 3 Shank, Steinmann Pins Single Trocar Round, Steinmann Pins Single Trocar Threaded, and Double Trocar Partially Threaded. These surgical instruments are available in various lengths and diameters to meet the surgical needs. The threaded and non-threaded patterns are perfect for ensuring exceptional results.
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Steinmann Pins Single Diamond Round 6 inch 2.0mm 5/64 inch pkg/6

Steinmann Pins Single Diamond Round 6" 2.0mm 5/64" pkg/6

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Steinmann Pins Single Diamond Round 6" 2.0mm 5/64" pkg/6

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