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Stifle Retractors

Stifle Retractors are primarily used for uplifting trochlea in larger dogs during knee joint surgery. These retractors allow smooth and gentle retraction between the difficult site of the femur and tibia while exposing the entire stifle joint without causing damage to the encompassing structure. Multiple types and sizes of Stifle Retractors are used according to the surgeon's preferences. Most commonly used types of this retractor include Retractor 6 ½" With Crossover Tip Action, Small Stifle Retractors, and Wallace Stifle Retractors with multiple variations to accommodate various surgical scenarios. The high-quality autoclavable designs of these self-retaining retractors play a vital role in more excellent veterinary knee surgery visualization. These high-quality surgical instruments are made of medical-grade German stainless. This great build quality keeps the instrument lightweight, unbendable, and most prominently rust-free.
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Wallace Stifle Retractors

Wallace Stifle Retractors

The Wallace Stifle Retractors are the versatile instrument used for knee retraction to expose the en ...

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Stifle Retractor 6 1/2 inch Crossover Tip Action

Stifle Retractor 6 1/2" Crossover Tip Action

$178.00 $160.20

The Stifle Retractor 6 1/2" Crossover Tip Action is used for retraction during knee surgical procedu ...

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Small Stifle Retractors

Small Stifle Retractors

The Small Stifle Retractors allow gentle retraction between the femur and tibia, exposing the entire ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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