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Surgical Elevators

Surgical Elevator has the primary function of elevating and dissecting the bone, tissue, nerves. These instruments are well balanced to exercise power and have an ergonomic handle that allows a firm grip and precision control. These instruments have a particular toughness in holding the edge on sharp types. Multiple variations of these surgical instruments are available such as Elevator 7" with Phenolic Handle 6mm Tip, Adson Elevator, Freer Elevator Double Ended, Key Elevator, Langenbeck Periosteal Elevator, Lane Periosteal Elevator, and Periosteal Elevator. Elevators are specifically designed instruments and are frequently used for several surgical procedures starting from routine extractions to more complex surgical procedures performed by maxillofacial surgeons. They are crafted from premium build quality material to provide a reliable and durable usage.
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GerMed Periosteal Elevator Single Ended

GerMed Periosteal Elevator Single Ended

Periosteal Elevator is a single-ended instrument crafted from premium surgical stainless. This instr ...

Multiple SKUs Available
GerMed Root Tip Elevator

GerMed Root Tip Elevator

GerMed Root Tip Elevator is specially designed for dental surgeries in small animals. This double en ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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