Visit Us at New York Vet 2023, Get Our Special Color Coated Instruments
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Visit Us at New York Vet 2023, Get Our Special Color Coated Instruments

Visit Us at New York Vet 2023, Get Our Special Color Coated Instruments

The New York Vet Show 2023 is back, and it's bigger and better than ever! This two-day event is the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the veterinary industry, network with your peers, and earn up to 16 hours of RACE-approved CE credits.

And the best part? GerVetUSA will be there, showcasing our new and improved veterinary surgical instruments in a wide variety.

Mark your calendar for November 8th and 9th and save the venue; it’s Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York, NY.

Visit us at Booth No. 568 to see a selection of our specially designed color-coated kits and packs, along with individual products.

What Will GerVetUSA Offer at the New York Vet Conference 2023?


At this Vet Show, we're excited to meet you and help you find the perfect instruments for your veterinary practice.

Individual Instruments


Our exhibition booth offers a wide range of new instruments available as standalone items for veterinary practitioners, hospitals, and animal healthcare clinics.

Each instrument is offered in various sizes and design variations.

See a few examples below:

Deep Gelpi Retractor 10 1/2" 90 Degree Angle 5 " 4 Sharp Prongs Speedlock

The Deep Gelpi Retractor is a specialized instrument designed to aid veterinarians in accessing areas below an incision during lumbar spine procedures. Similar to a standard Gelpi Retractor, it features sharp 4 prongs to enhance access in deep incisions. With its speedlock mechanism, veterinarians can secure it in the desired position while retracting bodily structures.

Dental Acrylic Cutting Burs

Dental Acrylic Cutting Burs are ergonomically designed to assist veterinary dental professionals in cutting and shaping acrylic resin in small animals. They are German stainless steel and are available in both regular plain cut and regular cross cut. These burs are helpful in multiple procedures, including preparing teeth for crowns and bridges, repairing acrylic appliances, and emoving acrylic cement.

Wire Cutter 7" Tungsten Carbide Max .062"

The Wire Cutter with Tungsten Carbide blades is a robustly designed instrument for veterinary orthopedic surgeons, facilitating the cutting of surgical wires and pins. With sharp, straight blades capable of cutting wires up to 0.62 inches in diameter, this German stainless Wire Cutter prevents hand fatigue during continuous use.

Feline Bandage Scissors 7" Rose Gold Coated

Our Feline Bandage Scissors, measuring 7 inches in total, are meticulously designed with slightly curved shanks and angled blades. The lower blade features a blunt knob to ensure atraumatic bandage removal. These German-forged scissors offer precision and ease of handling. In addition, their Rose Gold coating reduces reflectivity and enhances resistance to rust and corrosion.

Hi Level Bandage Scissors 5 1/2" Gun Metal Coating (Knowles)

Our robust design Hi Level Bandage Scissors are ideal for the precise cutting and removal of tight bandages from animals' skin. The blunt knob on the lower blade aids in lifting the bandage, preventing damage to the skin. These scissors are easy to maneuver and ensure maximum control during the removal of tighter bandages.

Esophageal Grasping Forceps 1x2 Teeth Straight Jaw

The Esophageal Grasping Forceps are designed with 1x2 teeth and straight jaws, making them ideal for delicately grasping bodily structures in the thoracic regions of equines. These forceps are malleable, enhancing their utility in narrow areas, and they are crafted from European-grade stainless steel to ensure extended durability.

Adson Tissue Forceps TC

Adson Tissue Forceps are specially designed to assist veterinary surgeons in the gentle manipulation of delicate tissues during various animal procedures. The serrated jaws, with toothed tips having tungsten carbide inserts, provide a secure grip on tissues without causing damage. These forceps come in multiple sizes and are all made from German stainless steel, ensuring enhanced control and precision.

Kits and Packs

Additionally, we will be presenting a variety of special veterinary kits—customizable to suit the requirements of veterinary professionals.

Here are a few of our these sets:

GLux Luxating Color Coated Titanium, Set of 6

Our GLux Luxating Color Coated Titanium Set of 6 is a set of special dental elevators used for efficient luxation during tooth extraction procedures in small animals. The set includes six elevators with tip sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 6mm. Each elevator is color-coated for easy identification, and the palm-fit grips improve control during the procedure.

Feline Spay Neuter Pack Blue Color Coated

Our Feline Spay Neuter Pack is specially crafted, containing 18 German stainless instruments, all with a durable and non-reflective blue coating. This all-in-one solution kit caters to the needs of veterinary professionals when it comes to spay and neuter procedures. In addition, the pack is designed for easy sterilization, ensuring reusability.

Anglevator Left & Right Stainless Steel Color Coated

The set of 14 Anglevators is expertly designed to assist veterinary dental professionals in extraction procedures. Comprising 7 pairs of Anglevators with both left and right-angled tips, they come in various tip sizes ranging from 2mm to 8mm, each size color-coated for easy identification. Moreover, this innovative set can be customized to meet the specific needs of veterinarians.

TTA Instruments Kit

Our TTA Instrument Kit contains a total of 17 essential instruments, including drill guides, TTA insert spacers, and other necessary products. Specifically created for Tibial Tuberosity Advancement, aimed at treating anterior cruciate ligament rupture in dogs' knee joints, these instruments are designed with cutting-edge technology and added durability. Furthermore, this customizable kit is easy to sterilize, making it suitable for reuse.

GV Dental Kit with Luxating Winged Color Coated - Titanium

The GV Dental Kit with Luxating Winged Elevators is a comprehensive set of 19 top-tier dental instruments specifically designed for feline and canine oral surgeries. These instruments are crafted from medical-grade German stainless steel, offering qualities like lightweight, rust resistance, durability, and precision. The kit includes 6 color-coated Luxating Winged Elevators to facilitate extraction procedures by veterinary dental professionals.

Ophthalmic Surgery Kit

Our Comprehensive Ophthalmic Surgery Kit includes 21 specialized instruments, all expertly manufactured from German stainless steel. This kit is tailored to assist veterinary ophthalmologists in a variety of animal eye procedures, ensuring precision and effectiveness. Additionally, it is easy to sterilize, making it suitable for multiple uses. Customization options are also available to meet the specific needs of veterinarians.

That’s Not All!


The above-enlisted products represent just a glimpse of our extensive collection of veterinary surgical instruments.  

At the New York Vet Conference 2023, we will offer a wide selection of instruments suitable for the diverse needs of veterinarians.

Whether you require instruments for veterinary orthopedic practice or a pet ophthalmic clinic, we will provide you with an array of options in various sizes, designs, and colors.

Why Should You Buy From Us?


We Not Only Sell But Also Manufacture Our Surgical Instruments


For the past three decades, we have been dedicated to the production and supply of top-quality veterinary instruments.

Every instrument we design and manufacture undergoes rigorous quality assessments before reaching the hands of veterinarians.

We guarantee that our products adhere to FDA regulations and are tailored to the specific needs of veterinary professionals.

To witness our innovations and excellence, visit us at Booth No. 568 during the New York VET Conference 2023.

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