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Equine Twitches

It may be appropriate to brace a horse during veterinary operations to achieve a mission and to prevent injury to both humans and horses. For this reason, twitches have always been a device, putting pressure on the lip or the ears of the horse. Twitching can be achieved by gripping the horse's ear or lip with a hand, however most people equate with this behavior the tools recognized as twitches; especially when doing on the horse’s lips.

The equine twitch is a system used for calming animals in multiple challenging situations, such as clinical care. A twitch is thought to relax the horse by inducing endorphins as force is exerted, thus decreasing pain and stress. The stress hormones produced take around three to five minutes to reach successful levels. "Meanwhile, the twitch is an inconvenience for the horse. It could also potentially annoy the patient so be ready to control the horse.

This is how a skin twitch should be done to an equine patient. It is thought that the twitch acts by upsetting the animal, but can act instead by inducing the activation of stress hormones from the mind of the horse, creating a soothing effect. The twitch is deemed a humane stimulation technique, and is widely used by horsemen and veterinarians to maintain an animal calm yet still. While we may infer that a lip twitch that briefly pacify horses via a soothing, probably antimicrobial effect for at least in the first 5 minutes, an ear twitch explicitly conveys an anxious reaction, immobilising horses through terror and pain.

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