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Bone Holding Forceps

Bone Holding Forceps are specialized instruments used in various veterinary orthopedic surgical operations. They have long shanks and strong jaws to hold and stabilize bone during orthopedic implant and other procedures. These forceps are heavy and strong with four-pointed prongs on bowed jaws to grip bone securely. There is a wide variety of different Bone Holding Forceps available. Each variant has its respective usage in orthopedic surgeries. The size and style of the instrument depends upon the surgical requirements. They have serrated and toothed jaws to firmly grip the bone during surgeries. The main Bone holding forceps range includes Martin, Semb, Lane, Farabeuf, Ulrich, and Kern.
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Bishop Bone Holding Forceps

Bishop Bone Holding Forceps

Bishop Bone Holding Forceps have adjustable jaws that make them suitable for a vast array of orthope ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Malleolar Bone Holding Forceps

Malleolar Bone Holding Forceps

Malleolar Bone Holding Forceps are ideally designed to be used in orthopedic bone modifying procedur ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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