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Ligament Meniscus Clamp

In veterinary orthopedic surgery, clamps are used to obtain towels and dressing materials, to adjacent vessels and to protect instruments inside the surgical site throughout. Ligament Meniscus Clamp is specially prepared clamp which is used to clamp and remove parts of torn meniscus. The presence of synovial fluid makes multi-articular structures very tricky to grip. The micro-serrations on that clamp promote the mission. GerVetUSA has been using medical grade stainless steel to keep the quality and durability high of every instrument. We tend to make our every surgical tool according to our customer need and ease. Yet we offer very pocket friendly instruments that are easily affordable by any veterinarian. However, it doesn’t indicate that our quality has been compromised. Moreover, a good customer care service of 24/7 is always at the disposal to serve. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we take pride in helping our customers. As compared to our competitors we provide the most reliable customer service possible. Customer service staff are always available to help by calling us at 1-800-330-1322 or via our online support network. So, contact us today and get the sharp end-notch surgical equipment without any complications. We educate ourselves by giving our stakeholders the most effective customer service.

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