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Cheek Dilator

Cheek Dilator Dental Instruments are used for the retraction of the cheeks to facilitate visualization and access to the teeth. These cheek dilators have better exposure to the oral cavity. They are all light weighted and used on mice, small rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs during oral testing. Cheek Dilator for Chinchilla has angled-pointed tips to hit the site quickly. These dilators are built to suit rabbits and rodents with medicinal crowns of incisors but should be treated with special caution to avoid unnecessary spreading of masticatory muscles and ligaments. These fine instruments are crafted from pure German stainless.

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Rabbit Mouth Gag 45mm Blade

Rabbit Mouth Gag 45mm Blade

$59.95 $45.00

The Rabbit Mouth Gag, a mouth retractor, is explicitly designed to hold the mouth open during rabbit ...

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Cheek Dilator

Cheek Dilator


Elevate your dental procedures with our state-of-the-art Cheek Dilator. Designed for optimal visibil ...

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