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Dental Elevators

Dental Elevators are used for pulling, lifting the periosteum, and loosening the tooth from the periodontal ligament for easy extraction. A dental elevator has delicate tips for removing broken root tips. There are multiple subcategories in Elevators of several sizes. Warwick James Root Elevator Straight, Woodward Elevator, Root Tip Elevator, Feline Luxating Root Elevator 1.3mm, Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator, Holmstrom Modified Elevator, GerMed Root Tip Elevator, GerMed Periosteal Elevator Single Ended, Modified Elevator 100GH, Howard Surgical Elevator 1, Molt 5 Periosteal Elevator Single Ended, Periosteal Elevator Mini Prichard, Huft Prichard Periosteal Elevator, Freer Nasal Periosteal Elevator, Seldin DEL S23 Periosteal Elevator, Root Elevator 1.3mm are the most commonly utilized elevators in veterinary dental procedures.
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Root Tip Pick Elevator

Root Tip Pick Elevator

Root Tip Pick Elevator is a specifically designed instrument utilized in veterinary dental procedure ...

Multiple SKUs Available
GerMed Periosteal Elevator Single Ended

GerMed Periosteal Elevator Single Ended

Periosteal Elevator is a single-ended instrument crafted from premium surgical stainless. This instr ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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