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Lister Bandage Scissors

Lister Bandage Scissors are used in operating rooms to cut drapes and dressings. These scissors have angled tips that allow ideal dissection without hurting the skin. The bottom blade of this scissors has a blunt tip that inserts under the dressing to lift it up so the other blade cuts through it easily. The bottom blade is slightly longer than upper angled blade. These Lister scissors are widely used in veterinary surgical procedures. These instruments can also be used to cut medical gauzes effectively. Lister Bandage Scissors feature a finger-ring handle that is ideal for providing a perfect handgrip to surgeons during surgeries. They are available in multiple variations to suit various surgical procedures. The SuperCut design of this scissors allows extra sharp and delicate cutting. These scissors are also available in color-coated variations to allow better identification to surgeons. The tungsten carbide version features TC inserts in the blades to increase the sharpness and longevity of the instruments. The left-handed variation is designed ideally for left-handed surgeons.
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