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Veterinary Bandage Scissors

Veterinary Bandage Scissors are specifically designed for cutting bandages without hurting the skin underneath them. These bandage scissors are durable and versatile because they can also be used in other cutting and dissection procedures if needed. The common types include Standard German Forged Bandage Scissors, Super Cut Scissors – One Blade SuperCut and One with Micro Serration, Hi Level Bandage Scissors, and Tungsten Carbide – Bandage Scissors with Carbide Insert Jaws and Gold Rings, Color Coated Bandage Scissors Rainbow, Blue, Gun Metal, Rose Gold. The unique color coated instruments are manufactured for better identification.

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Cushion Handle Utility Scissors

Cushion Handle Utility Scissors

The Cushion Handle Utility Scissors are robustly structured surgical instruments. They ensure rugged ...

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Emergency Room Shears 8 inch Serrated Edge

Emergency Room Shears 8" Serrated Edge

$139.95 $111.96

Emergency Room Shears 8" Serrated Edge is designed to cut upwards away from the tissues to avoid inj ...

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Bandage and Plaster Shears

Bandage and Plaster Shears

The Bandage and Plaster Shears, called cast shears, are specialized scissors designed for cutting to ...

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