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Inge Retractors

The Inge Retractors are also known as Lamina Spreader, and are significant self-retaining orthopedic surgical instruments. They are used for retracting tissues and organs to get access to the underlying surgical site during veterinary surgery. Generally, they are considered ideal for laminectomy procedures. These incredible instruments can help ease retraction while saving surrounding skin, muscles, and deep tissue layers. They allow the surgeon or assistant to be free while performing surgery. Veterinary surgeons use various sizes, styles, and types to meet the surgical specialties. Inge Retractors are made of supreme quality medical-grade stainless and have tungsten carbide inserts. These materials keep instruments rust-free, strong, and lightweight at the same time.
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Inge Retractors

Inge Retractors

The Inge Retractors are an orthopedic instrument frequently used in spinal procedures such as lamine ...

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Inge Neroma Retractor 6 1/2 inch With Crossover Tips

Inge Neroma Retractor 6 1/2" With Crossover Tips

$199.25 $179.33

The Inge Neroma Retractor 6 1/2" With Crossover Tips is a unique self-retaining instrument used for ...

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Inge Modified Spreader  Speed Lock  8 inch

Inge Modified Spreader Speed Lock 8"

$325.00 $292.50

The Inge Modified Spreader Speed Lock 8" is used for retraction in veterinary orthopedic surgical pr ...

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