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Basic ESY TTA Implants

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Basic ESY TTA Implants


Product Review

SKUDescriptionQuantityOriginal Price
TTA Cage 3/13,3/16, and 3/192 Each
GV400-03-13TTA Cage 3/13 Titanium2$209.44
GV400-03-16TTA Cage 3/16 Titanium2$209.44
GV400-03-19TTA Cage 3/19 Titanium2$209.44
TTA Cage 6/16,6/19 and 6/22mm2 Each
GV400-06-16TTA Cage 6/16 Titanium2$209.44
GV400-06-19TTA Cage 6/19 Titanium2$209.44
GV400-06-22TTA Cage 6/22 Titanium2$209.44
TTA Cage 9/19,9/22 and 9/25mm2 Each
GV400-09-19TTA Cage 9/19 Titanium2$209.44
GV400-09-22TTA Cage 9/22 Titanium2$209.44
GV400-09-25TTA Cage 9/25 Titanium2$209.44
TTA Cage 12/22,12/25, and 12/28mm2 Each
GV400-12-22TTA Cage 12/22 Titanium2$209.44
GV400-12-25TTA Cage 12/25 Titanium2$209.44
GV400-12-28TTA Cage 12/28 Titanium2$209.44
TTA Titanium Plates
TTA Plate 3,4,5,6,7,8 Holes2 Each
GV200-02-03ESY TTA Plate 2 holes, Style 3, Titanium2$40.04
GV200-02-04ESY TTA Plate 2 holes, Style 4, Titanium2$40.04
GV200-02-05ESY TTA Plate 2 holes, Style 5, Titanium2$40.04
GV200-02-06ESY TTA Plate 2 holes, Style 6, Titanium2$40.04
GV200-02-07ESY TTA Plate 2 holes, Style 7, Titanium, Thickness 1.5mm2$40.04
GV200-03-08ESY TTA Plate 3 holes, Style 8, Titanium2$40.04
TTA Titanium Screws
2.4mm x 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38 & 40mm2 Each
GV400-024-062.4mm X 6mm4$52.96
GV400-024-082.4mm X 8mm4$52.96
GV400-024-102.4mm X 10mm4$52.96
GV400-024-122.4mm X 12mm4$52.96
GV400-024-142.4mm X 14mm4$52.96
GV400-024-162.4mm X 16mm4$54.20
GV400-024-182.4mm X 18mm4$54.20
GV400-024-202.4mm X 20mm4$54.20
GV400-024-222.4mm X 22mm4$54.20
GV400-024-242.4mm X 24mm4$55.44
GV400-024-262.4mm X 26mm4$55.44
GV400-024-282.4mm X 28mm4$55.44
GV400-024-302.4mm X 30mm4$55.44
GV400-024-322.4mm X 32mm4$56.64
GV400-024-342.4mm X 34mm4$56.64
GV400-024-362.4mm X 36mm4$56.64
GV400-024-382.4mm X 38mm4$56.64
GV400-024-402.4mm X 40mm4$56.64
2.7mm x 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38 & 40mm2 Each
GV400-027-062.7mm X 6mm4$52.96
GV400-027-082.7mm X 8mm4$52.96
GV400-027-102.7mm X 10mm4$52.96
GV400-027-122.7mm X 12mm4$52.96
GV400-027-142.7mm X 14mm4$52.96
GV400-027-162.7mm X 16mm4$54.20
GV400-027-182.7mm X 18mm4$54.20
GV400-027-202.7mm X 20mm4$54.20
GV400-027-222.7mm X 22mm4$54.20
GV400-027-242.7mm X 24mm4$55.44
GV400-027-262.7mm X 26mm4$55.44
GV400-027-282.7mm X 28mm4$55.44
GV400-027-302.7mm X 30mm4$55.44
GV400-027-322.7mm X 32mm4$56.64
GV400-027-342.7mm X 34mm4$56.64
GV400-027-362.7mm X 36mm4$56.64
GV400-027-382.7mm X 38mm4$56.64
GV400-027-402.7mm X 40mm4$56.64
3.5mm x 8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38 & 40mm2 Each
GV400-035-083.5mm X 8mm4$52.96
GV400-035-103.5mm X 10mm4$52.96
GV400-035-123.5mm X 12mm4$52.96
GV400-035-143.5mm X 14mm4$52.96
GV400-035-163.5mm X 16mm4$54.20
GV400-035-183.5mm X 18mm4$54.20
GV400-035-203.5mm X 20mm4$54.20
GV400-035-223.5mm X 22mm4$54.20
GV400-035-243.5mm X 24mm4$55.44
GV400-035-263.5mm X 26mm4$55.44
GV400-035-283.5mm X 28mm4$55.44
GV400-035-303.5mm X 30mm4$55.44
GV400-035-323.5mm X 32mm4$56.64
GV400-035-343.5mm X 34mm4$56.64
GV400-035-363.5mm X 36mm4$56.64
GV400-035-383.5mm X 38mm4$56.64
GV400-035-403.5mm X 40mm4$56.64


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