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Cardiology Instruments

Cardiology is among the well-known medical fields around the globe. This profession aims to treat cardiovascular diseases and provide a curative medical response to the patients.
If, for any reason, such diseases begin to prevail, they can result in severe heart complications. A patient can encounter myocardial infarction and other fatal heart concerns. To not let this happen, cardiology includes specialized surgical instruments that can assist a cardiac surgeon.

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Russian Tissue Forceps

Russian Tissue Forceps

Russian Tissue Forceps are favorable for wound dressing and firmly hold thick tissues softly. It has ...

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Ferris Smith Tissue Forceps 6 3/4 inch, 2x3 Teeth

Ferris Smith Tissue Forceps 6 3/4", 2x3 Teeth

$129.73 $103.78

Ferris Smith Tissue Forceps are another sub-category of tissue-carrying forceps. These have engraved ...

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