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Cruciate Packs

Cruciate Pack is exclusively designed for veterinary orthopedic surgeries of knee joints among canine and rarely in cats. Vets, orthopedic surgeons, technicians and doctors use, reliable tools to diagnose and treat the joint injuries of animals because low quality and bygone tools can negatively affect the treatment of the patients. Therefore, these tools are manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. Due to their special designs and stainless steel body, these tools are great in demand. They are available in various sizes and adjustments for the customers. These unique features of the tools make Cruciate Packs an essential kit for you.

Cruciate Packs
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Ruptured ligament of knees are common injuries frequently found in canine and rarely in feline. Such injuries  are usually reported among oversized and over aged canine due to excessive weight and sometimes observed in animals who experience repeated minor leg injuries which left untreated. These  injuries can be controlled through regular checkups and timely treatments through medicines or surguries which may help reduce major joint injuries and diseases among pets. While performing cruciate ligament knee surgeries, many instruments of different sizes, which perform different functions are used by vets, orthopedic surgeons, doctors and technicians. However, Cruciate Pack introduced by GerVetUSA includes different sizes of handles, scissors, forceps, needle driver, retractor, hand chuck, tray, CD Rom, crimping and tensioning devices, crimp and cruciate tubes, cruciate needles, rongeurs, suction tubes and smooth pins. Such variety of instruments make these packs an extra-ordinary dental surgery kit for your everyday use.

Cruciate Packs are specially designed and manufactured for our valuable customers. Our products can be used for years without any color damage or malfunctioning. Our special German forged tools are made of stainless steel because stainless steel has a nonmagnetic quality. Similarly, environmental challenges do not really affect its durability which may save customer’s tool maintenance charges.

GerVetUSA is a German forged instrument manufacturer and developer who ensures the quality and sharpness of our all products. We offer maintenance and delivery services absolutely free for our customers. If needed, our tools can be replaced, repaired and discarded anytime for our valuable clients. Customers can also demand to develop a new product or customize any tool for their specific needs. Contact us to place your orders. We are available 24/7.

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