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Large Animal

GerVetUSA offers an extensive collection of Large Animal Veterinary Surgical Instruments to perform large animal surgeries. Large animals such as cattle, sheep, horse, elephant and other zoo animals need special large and robust instruments for diagnosis and treatments. Therefore, GerVetUSA’s Large Animal collection includes Abdominal Instruments, Anesthesia Instruments, Biopsy Instruments, Dehorners, Diagnostic & Restraints Instruments, Hoof Care Instruments, Obstetrical Instruments, Teat Instruments and other Large Animal Equipment. These instruments are available at affordable price range. Because of the premium quality material and reliability, our instruments are generally recommended by specialists and physicians. GerVetUSA never compromises on the quality of the tools and each instrument passes through multiple quality checks while manufacturing. If you are looking for personalized veterinary equipment, we will consistently produce high class surgical instruments according to your preferences. GerVetUSA is the ultimate shopping platform for veterinary surgical instruments with complete satisfaction and accuracy. We pride ourselves for serving our customers frequently, as your satisfaction is our achievement.