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Spay Neuter Pack, Color Coated

Spay Neuter Pack, Color Coated Instruments Quantity

1  G08-01    Knife Handle # 3
1  G10-27    Mayo Scissors 6 3/4" Straight
1  G10-39    Metzenbaum Scissors 7" Curved
1  G12-06    Tissue Forceps 5 ½" 1 X 2 Teeth.
1  G12-26    Brown Adson Forceps 4 ¾" 7 X 7 Teeth.
2  G11-02    Halsted Mosquito Forceps 5" Curved
2  G11-04    Kelly Forceps 5 ½” Curved
2  G11-50    Roch-Carmalt Forceps 6 1/4 Curved.
4  G11-26    Backhaus Towel Clamp 3 ½"
1  G17-55    Olsen – Hegar Needle Holder
1  G11-20     Allis Tissue Forceps 6" 4 x 5 Teeth.
1  G501-01  Snook Ovariectomy Hook

Spay Neuter Pack, Color Coated
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A safer alternative to marking tape | Easily identifiable instruments to reduce mistakes cost-efficient alternative to re-buying/reapplying tape

Studies have proven that colored masking tape is not only difficult to sterilize but also will peel or flake off of surgical instruments over extended periods of use. This makes them a risky system to use with the threat of trapped bacteria of foreign bodies dropping into a patient’s wound during surgery. GerVetUSA has recognized this issue and has spoken with surgeons to brain-storm a safer alternative, bringing forth the first-ever Color-Coated spay and Neuter Pack.

Available sets include Blue, Rose Gold, Gun Metal, and Rainbow. All instruments will now be recognizable at a glance without the need to remove and then reapply to mark tape. The coating will not peel and sterilization is already included as part of the instruments. Therefore, you will not be required to make any additional purchases for maintenance.

GerVetUSA is a surgical instrument manufacturer, not a distributor. This makes us unique because when surgeons are faced with common problems such as developing a new product or customizing the item to their specific needs, we’ll get the job done right away. This will allow them to do their job more effectively with ease.

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